What to expect

What to expect

We can help to resolve a variety of issues with your service dispute. Find out the common disputes we can help to resolve and the possible outcomes of raising to us for review.

Understanding your rights

As a consumer, you have rights which protect you if things go wrong. You have a right to complain to your supplier and a right to a resolution. We know you’re frustrated and we’re here to help.

Our job is to help find a resolution to disputes and we provide this service free to Domestic and General warranty holders.

If a mistake has been made or you have been treated unfairly, our aim is to put you back to the position you were in before the mistake happened.

What am I likely to get if I raise my D&G dispute?

If we decide that Domestic and General have made a mistake, or treated you unfairly, we’ll recommend they take action to put things right. This could include any of the following individually or combined:

  • A practical action (for example: apply a credit or replace the appliance)
  • An apology
  • A financial award to acknowledge the difficulties encountered.
  • We might also make recommendations to them to prevent the issue happening again.
  • Find out more about dispute outcomes.

If both parties accept, the decision will become binding and Domestic and General will have up to 28 days to implement any proposed resolution. If you reject our final decision, you may choose to resolve your complaint in another way, such as through the civil courts.

If we don’t receive a response to our proposed decision it will become the final decision outcome. If you do not accept our conclusion or final decision outcome, Domestic and General are not obliged to implement any proposed resolution.

If you or Domestic and General wish to challenge our conclusion, you must be able to:

  • show that we’ve made a significant error with the facts that makes a material difference to the outcome; or
  • provide new information that wasn’t available when we considered your case that makes a material difference.

Once we have all of the supporting information from both parties, we try to resolve the dispute within 12 weeks. The average length of time for us to resolve a Domestic and General dispute is around four weeks.

What am I likely to get if I appeal a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) with POPLA?

  • If your appeal is successful and we have allowed your appeal, you do not need to take any further steps. The charge will be cancelled.
  • If your appeal is unsuccessful and we have refused your appeal, the parking operator will expect payment. You should pay the charge within 28 days from the day we made our decision to prevent the charge from increasing or being referred to debt collection.

Looking to appeal a private parking charge?